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nb Leadership Pipeline

These videos are designed to be used individually or in small group huddles with your ministry leader. Below each video is a link to a handout with key principles and reflection questions.  Simply click the link and then print the handout before you watch the video.

Experience the power of active listening in your communication with others.

Explore how to leverage the gifts, abilities, and talents of the people around you, which will help align people to do what God created them to do.

Explore effective ways to resolve conflict while maintaining positive relationships with others.

Develop a SWOT analysis and Action Plan for pressing needs within your life and ministry.

Examine the ways that leaders can support the growth of others through

effective mentoring.

Explore how guiding others through difficult situations can strengthen and grow the impact of your leadership.

Uncover a process for identifying key leadership characteristics in others, in

order to introduce and invite new leaders into ministry.

Look at ways to grow your understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, in order to gain a clear perception of who you are.

Explore the counter-cultural principles of how to serve like Jesus.

Reflect on the key elements necessary for a healthy soul, and be challenged to re-evaluate your current rhythm of life.

Explore the spiritual practices that create space for God to speak and act in your life, preparing you to love and serve those around you.   

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