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Northbrook woMen's event messages

Christmas Coffee
December 2023

Kristin Erdmann

GIRLS Morning Out
February 3, 2024

Jenny Heckman

GIRLS Night Out May 2023

Shalanna Mahlstedt

GIRLS Night Out September 2023

Jeri Mallow

GIRLS Night Out Sept. 2022

Jeri Mallow

Christmas Coffee 2022

Jenny Heckman

G.I.R.L.S. Morning Out - Feb. 2022

Jenny Heckman

G.I.R.L.S. Night Out May 2022

Jeri Mallow and Ryanne Wendt

GIRLS Night Out Sept 2021

Ashley Thomas

2021 Christmas Coffee Message

Kimberly Krueger

GIRLS Morning Out Feb. 2021

Jenny Heckman

Rooted: Holding Steady when the World

falls apart

GIRLS Night Out May 2021

Laura Sandretti: Living Free

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