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Local Partnerships

Northbrook and Uflourish Church have entered into a formalized church-to-church partnership!


Led by Pastor Kurt Owens, Uflourish Church is a multi-ethnic, gospel-centered church community located in Milwaukee.  We are united in mission to make compelling followers of Christ, growing in the knowledge of the Word, growing in the application of the Word, and bearing fruits of the Word so that lives are transformed and the glory of God is revealed. We desire to embody the racial and ecclesial unity that we have with one another in the gospel.


This partnership is not intended to be a mere symbolic token of unity, but rather a very real, tangible means of practicing it. We look forward to getting to know each other and involving ourselves in each other’s lives, being exposed to new perspectives and matters of concern, and allowing ourselves to be stretched. We believe the church is the best equipped community for this very thing – with Christ as her Lord, the Spirit as her common gift, and the reconciling gospel as her foundation. 

The Milwaukee Rescue Mission provides shelter, food, education and training to help the homeless, hungry and hurting in Milwaukee, helping them restore their lives and their hope.  Find information, opportunities and needs at

Northbrook's MRM CONNECTION ministry connects volunteers with opportunities to serve at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, including Joy House (women and children), Safe Harbor (men) and Cross Trainers Academy (students).  

For more information contact Pam Arbeiter or send us a message using the Contact Us form.

A team of two in the Northbrook van picks up surplus bread and food products three days a week from area stores and delivers them to urban Milwaukee food ministries. Van drivers and co-drivers serve once a month. For more info contact

Micah Ministry is making a difference in the lives of victims of human trafficking in the greater Milwaukee area. We provide help in tangible ways. Find out more by attending a Micah Ministry event or email

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Milwaukee is a Christ-centered ministry that supports the sanctity of human life by offering spiritual, physical, and emotional support to women and their families facing unplanned pregnancies and related issues.  The center provides free services including pregnancy tests, ultrasound, options counseling, education, material support and moms groups.  For more information, opportunities and needs visit

Wisconsin Inmate Education Association

An accredited Trinity International University campus within Waupun Correctional Institution has been established, providing a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies degree for inmates serving long or life sentences. Upon graduation, these men become "field mentors," available to mentor other men. The program has proven results in reducing prison violence, stopping cycles of crime in families, reducing community crime and reduced recidivism.

Learn more at

Wisconsin Inmate Education Association

Commencement speech

On July 27, 2021, twenty inmates within Waupun prison graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies and a minor in Psychology in a ceremony that can only be called spectacular!

Even more amazing is the fact that their course work was completed within the extra constraints presented by COVID-19, and all graduated with honors! By the grace of God, long lost hope has been rediscovered, family ties that had been broken for years are reestablished, and graduates have a fresh perspective on life. They are excited to use their education to positively affect the lives of family, friends, and communities.

Through your faithful giving to the nb Mission Fund, YOU have made this education possible for our brothers in Christ. 

Watch the student commencement response delivered by August C. Peters-White.

connect with a Local Partner

disaster relief

Locations across the U.S. are struggling to recover from disasters including hurricanes, wildfires, and tornados. Samaritan’s Purse is working on the ground with active deployments in several states. 

Volunteers are urgently needed to bring relief and compassion in Jesus’ name. For more information about opportunities and how to get involved visit the Samaritan's Purse web site here.

​To connect people to service opportunities, Northbrook Church has formed

ongoing relationships with nonprofits and civic entities in our area.

Contact us at for more information

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