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NBKids Volunteers

Elementary / preschool / Nursery

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nbKids nursery/preschool volunteers

Provide a dependable, safe, nurturing environment of care and play for infants and toddlers, —rocking, changing diapers as needed, reading to them, and watching and talking about Bible story videos.


Commitment: one weekend gathering per month
Age requirement: Team Member 18+ /  Helper 10 - 17


nbKids elementary volunteers

Lead activities and discussion related to large group teaching. Activities and discussion questions are provided. Helper supports leader and sits with kids during large group.


Time Commitment: during one worship time, weekly or twice a month
Age requirement: Leader 18+ /  Helper 14+

nbKids worship


Enthusiastically lead elementary or preschool kids in pre-recorded songs about faith and character, using fun and meaningful motions.

Commitment: 9 and 10:30 AM gatherings, once or twice a month

Age Requirement: Leader 16+    Assistant 10+

nbkids sound media tech.png

nbKids sound/media tech

Run slides and sound during large group gatherings. Training provided.

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nbKids supervisor

Support nbKids staff and volunteers during and between gathering hours in nbKids. Take attendance, make personal connections, and keep an eye on safety and security.

guest center / check-in

Help Northbrook families and guests feel welcome and safe.  Assist with check-in (computer/iPad), new registrations, and answering questions. Begins 20 minutes before gathering.

Interested in volunteering in nbKids Children's Ministry?

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