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PRayers and readings

Prayer of Repentance

Lord have mercy


I am reminded today of the ancient words of

2 Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.


Forgive me. I am torn, divided, angry and hypocritical. I have gloried in my own self-righteousness.  I have placed our trust in everyplace but you. I have failed to follow the words and ways of Jesus. To turn the other check, to love our enemies and to pray for them.


I have spoken, hurtful, spiteful words against my brothers and sisters in faith simply because they see the world different than me. I have lived with arrogance rather than compassion.  


As the church of Jesus Christ, help us lean into the words of the Apostle Paul:

Ephesians 4:3

Eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.


My prayer Oh God for 2021 is that we would live the words of Galatians 5:6, The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.


May we be a church this year that follows your example, by kneeling down and washing the feet of the world.


Renew our hearts and our minds, fill us fresh with your Holy Spirit. May we speak words of life.


May each day be full of grace and full of truth.


Give us the courage to live our faith. To be salt and light.


Help us to represent you well in a weary world


Lord have mercy



The Prayer of Examine

In light of God’s unconditional love and grace:

  • I invite him to search my heart (Psalm 139:23)

  • I ask him to bring to mind places where I fell short of his goodness (Psalm 139:24a)

  • I confess my shortcomings and sins and receive his forgiveness (James 5:16)

  • I ask God to lead me in a more life-giving way (Psalm 139:24b)

You Know the Secrets

by Ted Loder


Holy God,

You know the secrets in which we hide

and from which we hide.

So it is the sense of your judgment,

the awareness of your aching disappointment,

the haunt of your merciful healing

that move us to seek with you

the truth that will set us free.


Lord, you know the truth is that too often

we give in to the temptations

to live to please ourselves and others

rather than to please you,

to seek for ourselves

status, achievements, and acclaim

that belong only to you.


Lord, you know the truth is that too often

we excuse ourselves by claiming

that we know too much, or too little,

to trust you or seek your will,

that we are so good and right

we must insist on our own way

or that we are so flawed

we must use self-pity to control others,

that we are too sensitive and humble

to be honest with others or ourselves.

Lord, you know the truth is that too often

we are harsh, indifferent, weary, scared, and greedy,

retributive, merciless, dishonest, envious, and blaming,

removed from our own heart and your image in us,

distant from tenderness faithfulness, and joy.

Yet, Lord, you know, as we too often forget,

that the greatest truth of all,

and by your grace, the greatest truth of us,

is that even now, as always,

we are never far from your heart,

or at remove from your mercy.


So we fervently ask you to soften us,

to forgive and heal us of our fretful fears,

to restore us to our truest selves,

to reconcile us to each other

and to you, Mother-Father of us all.


Then in the freedom of your truth for us,

we would set out with you once more

for your kingdom of justice, peace,

and such jubilation as eye has not yet seen,

nor ear heard

nor heart known,

yet that is what you promise

and purpose for us there,

but still scatter in a multitude of moments

for us to attend to here along our way,

even as you gathered them once, and still,

in the life of Jesus Christ our Lord.



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