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SPiritual practices

Resources for Spiritual Growth

Scripture: reflective reading

This week, take some time to reflectively read a short passage of Scripture.  As you read, consider the following framework:


We must recognize that as we read and reflect on Scripture there is an opportunity to truly encounter the living God. We do not read simply for information, but for transformation. Spend a few minutes prior to reading in silence and prayer, asking the Holy Spirt to help you understand His word.



Even if you are familiar with the passage, try to read it as if you are hearing it for the first time. Read slowly, and possibly out loud if you feel led. If time allows, read the passage multiple times in one sitting. 



What stood out to you as you read? Was there a certain word, or phrase, that you were drawn to? What was your experience while reading this passage (excited, bored, confused, joyful)? Spend a few minutes reflecting with God about these questions. Using a journal to record your responses may be a helpful tool. 



How does this scripture passage connect with your life today? Are there any next steps that you feel the Spirit is inviting you to take? Consider Jesus’ words in Luke 22 – “Not my will, but yours be done."

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