Celebrate recovery group guidelines

Hey CR family, 


We are excited to return back to Northbrook to meet in person. There are several guidelines  in place to make the CR experience safe for all who attend. 


  1. We encourage you to bring your own beverage and snack for the evening. At this time, we are not providing food. 

  2. We encourage social distancing among participants. The chapel has been set up with a limit of 60 chairs dispersed around the gathering area. 

  3. We encourage everyone to wear a mask, in accordance with the government mandate.  As we focus on the unity that brings us together under Christ, we ask that you respect each other's decision whether to wear a mask or not. 

  4. We will still gather in small groups, but ask that you social distance the best that you can. Women will meet together in the chapel area, the men will go to their designated rooms as before. 

  5. Please enter in the lower east doors as before. 


If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, I can be reached via email at glessmann@northbrookchurch.org or via phone/text at 414-530-6681.

Welcome back. We look forward to seeing you. 

Pastor George